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 Success Stories

Six MAKEACHAMP athletes have made to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. These are special athletes because they are carrying the power of the crowd with them as they head to the Olympic games. They came to the MAKEACHAMP's platform to ask for financial support from their community and their fans have answered. The community is no longer sitting on the sidelines, they are taking an active role in helping athletes become champions. 

The Olympics, the event and achievement that many athletes dream of and dedicate their enitre lives to achieve. Now the ordinary neighbour can participate in these games by supporting an athlete. You can take a leap of faith, support an athlete and live the dream through them. Celebrate their success and mourn their failures. But no matter what, just like a champion, always get up and move forward.

MAKEACHAMP celebrates and honors the brave athletes that put their body on the line to represent their community to their best abilities. They inspire and motivation the next generation to dream and believe in themselves. Here are the stories of the athletes and their communities.

Elli Terwiel

Elli's story is an incredible one. It is full of ups and downs just as you'd expect from an Olympic Skier. She has over come a lot and deserves all the respect she could get. We are now waiting in enticipation as she travels to Sochi Olympic games to represent the community, her supporters, and MAKEACHAMP. Check her campaign here and read more on her journey here.



Brittany Phelan

She came to MAKEACHAMP 120 days before the Games. She needed funding for her season and her supporters have answered. She is now going to Olympics. She hopes this is the first of many, as she says, "I want to ski for Canada for as long as I can. Hopefully till I'm 34, that gives me a potential 4 winter Olympic games. Ambitious yes, but I love what I do, and when you love something this much, anything is possible." To read more on her story click here. You can also visit her campaign here.



Brianne Tutt

Half a year ago she was laying in a hospital bed with more injuries than you can count. However in her heart, you could not count her out of the Olympic race. She healed, aim at the impossible and now shes representing Canada at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Here more on her story here and visit her campaign here.



Kelsey Serwa

Unlike the other athletes on MAKEACHAMP, Kelsey was not fundraising for herself. Kelsey established a bursary fund called the K-Ser fund to help Kelowna high school graduates excelling in athletics and academics. Kelsey was a world and X-Games champion in 2011 but sidelined with a knee injury last season. She had an outstanding comeback as she placed 2nd at the world cup in Italy. We’re all excited for her race and will be cheering her on at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. You can visit her campaign here and ready more about her story here.



Atsuko Tanaka

For the first time in the history, women’s ski jumping will be hosted by the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games and our very own Atsuko Tanaka will be the Canadian representative. Read more here.



Jen Olson

Jen will be climbing at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. She had a difficult road to get to the Olympics with many different World Cups and international tournaments. She was able to raise the funds she needs to focus on training and competing rather than getting out of debt. You can visit her campaign here.

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