UQAM Citadins

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Since the launch of the Citadin UQAM cheerleaders' campaign we already knew it will make history. It is the first time in the history that a university has chosen a crowd funding platform to raise funds for a sports team. UQAM has chosen MAKEACHAMP for its uniquely designed team campaign that showcase individual athlete campaigns inside a team campaign. Almost every single athlete reached and surpassed their own campaign goal. The overall team campaign raised a total of 15,538% reaching more than 150% of their 10,000$ goal. Nearly 500 contributors have united together to give the cheerleaders of Citadins UQAM the motivation and financing to make a statement in Florida. Regardless of how the performance, these dedicated cheerleaders will always be remember for uniting the entire community around a single goal. Here is to the Citadin Cheerleaders of UQAM for showing us it takes a team to make a champ.

$15,538.00 Raised 155% Funded