The best of MAKEACHAMP

In 2014

12,300 people contributes a total of $1,059,799.5 on MAKEACHAMP.

Athlete campaigns average

41.9% success rate in 50+ sports in 20 countries.

That works out to 1,761,001 page views from Canada, UK, US, France, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Philippines and more. That's also a total of 1,119,048 minutes.

MAKEACHAMP reaches 20,065 Facebook fans & 1,950 interactions on Facebook per week (likes, shares, comments).

MAKEACHAMP is on 42 TV shows, news articles, radio shows and sports blogs worldwide.









Six MAKEACHAMP athletes qualify for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Crowdfunded athlete Kelsey Serwa gets silver.









First campaign with a university reaches $15,000 in three days. The crowdfunded team wins the university championships.









Cara McLaughlin finds the right path in life through kickboxing and wins 3 medals at the WKA 2nd Unified World Championships.









Elli Terwiel raises $17,975. That is 180% of her goal for the Olympic bid!









MAKEACHAMP athlete Martin Pacek wins gold medal at the Qingdao Judo Grand Prix.









Ariane Fortin gets $7,170 and makes the podium at the JeJu World Championships in South Korea. Bravo Ariane!

The Bathgate brothers get funded to go to the Junior Freeskiing World Championship in Europe.









MAKEACHAMP is on Dragon’s Den, featuring cofounders Michael Shpigelman and David Ancor.

Marissa Ponich wins gold medal in fencing at Canada Cup, after a second successful campaign on MAKECHAMP.









Marie-Claude Molnar, paralympic athlete, goes back to the racing track, after she gets her bikes stolen. Faith in humanity restored!









16-year-old climber Lucas Uchida wins the Canada Cup and goes to the Youth Pan Am in Mexico!









Kael Hill comes back to snowboarding thanks to crowdfunding and wins a $4000 prize at EMPIRE CITY TROOPERS!









Giulia Gasparin goes past her funding goal thanks to 110 contributors. Vai Brasil!

The women's soccer team Les Citadins gets 100% of their goal in less than a week. Merci pour l'inspiration!








MAKEACHAMP makes Top 10 Crowdfunding Platforms to Watch in 2015, and global leader in sports. Here we come 2015!







In 2015, the MAKEACHAMP team will be there 24x7 to help athletes reach their athletic goal, in Canada, USA, Europe, Brazil or Russia. Come join us!