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 Success Stories

Maggie from La Praire, Quebec, Canada is a Weightlifter hoping to come top at the Canadian Senior Championships. This is so that she can go internationally and really push for a place on the Canadian Olympic Team for Tokyo 2020. As the Senior Canadian Championships draws closer Maggie needed funding to get there. She therefore turned to MAKEACHAMP where she was able to 123% of her goal reaching a total of 1,850$. Not many athletes are able to raise this much, what was her secret to success? Read below to find out.

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The simplicity and the helpfulness of the MAKEACHAMP site enabled Maggies family, who arent familiar with technology, to donate without a problem. Maggie has been able to engage with her crowd more directly because of MAKEACHAMPs simplicity. The crowd felt involved and contributed regularly to Maggies campaign.

Tips and Tricks of Success

When Maggie began her MAKEACHAMP crowdfunding campaign she shared her campaign immediately via email to her family members (grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins...etc). She shared her campaign via email to her co-workers at Telus as well. A short description of an athletic career to fellow co-workers or friends goes a long way to getting a contribution from them. As Maggie say 'not be afraid to annoy! Share your campaign!'.

Maggie got her friends and family to share the campaign and it took off very rapidly, quickly gaining momentum that drove her well passed her campaign goal. Sharing her campaigns on social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram she drew considerable traction to her MAKEACHAMP campaign. This meant she had 244 Shares and 44 contributors. Nearly all her contributors were supporters and this made a big difference in her success.

The E-mails that MAKEACHAMP sent Maggie with tips and advice on how to succeed in a campaign were really important. This had helped Maggie reach her goal faster and she was very thankful for all the advice she got. Maggies advice to other athletes would be to read MAKEACHAMPs email and to take note of them.

Every single contribution was simply a blessing for Meggie - each supporter touched her dearly. At first, it seemed stressful for Maggie to reach her goal but thanks to all those close to her, she was able to reach 123% of her goal. This has encouraged Maggie to train and compete harder because she knows how much support is behind her, she doesn't want to disappoint anyone.

Training Regime

Maggie's starts preparing for a competition 4 weeks in advance. She enters in a mental and physical preparation where she trains harder, sleeps longer, eat better and rests more. She imagines herself going on the platform, looking at the weightlifting bar and lifting it up with as much force and power as she can. She can only do it when she is calm. If her heart begins to beat faster, she has to stop! What makes her the most prepared mentally is her nutrition so that she can meet her weight (-63kg) exactly 3 weeks before the competition. It puts her in a competitive mood.

With Nationals 3 weeks away Maggie feels competitive and she is loving it. The intensity is something she thrives on. The support from others is very strong and there is a high degree of camaraderie amongst weightlifters. The hard part of weightlifting is the pain she endures as lifting heavy weights take its inevitable toll on athletes.

Personal Goals

Maggies personal goals this year are to open the doors towards International competitions. She plans on reaching it in Vancouver in 3 weeks. She will have to make a 190kg total in the 63kg category, and her best total at the moment is 181kg which she did in December. She knows she can reach it, because she trains with her heart and soul, she feels stronger and believes in herself!

How to Inspire

For Maggie Inspiration is a very big word... it can be anything in particular, a person, or even a place! Maggie describes it as something that gives you a strong feeling inside, that makes you hold on to your dream and fight for it. Something that gets you back up when you fall apart. Something that makes you wake up in the morning and gets you closer and closer to your dream. When we think about it, it has a very strong influence in our lives. Without an inspiration, how can we achieve our dream?

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