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Stephy Profitt is a unique athlete. She has a blend of cultures within her. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico to a Mexican Mom and Canadian Father she resides in Calgary Alberta. She began skiing at a very young and can thank her parents for introducing her to the sport. Her passion and love for the sport grew more and more from then. Her greatest challenges for the sport so far have been technical improvements which requires a lot of mental strength and the physical testing. Physically, alpine skiing is a very demanding sport especially when skiing down tougher hills or courses. Failure is also something to not fall prey to because of all the hard work Stephy puts in. 

The workout routine that Stephy employs is quite demanding and she likes to warm up before a race. She does a dynamic warm up without her skis and mentally prepares for what is about to come up. A good night's rest is vital before a competition and a good breakfast is a must. Getting a good body movement before the race and looking at other competitors are really important. One of Stephy’s sports idols is Marcel Hirscher who is an all around great athlete. He is an inspiration for Stephy because he takes the most out of his chances and pushes his boundaries. Anna Fenninger and Mikaela Shiffron are other idols who push Stephy out of her comfort zone and watching videos of them helps her learn and improve.

Crowdfunding has provided financial help to Stephy with her many ski camps, race and other related costs to skiing. Competing at the highest level to achieve certain goals is very expensive and especially with the travelling to different worldwide locations. Attending races has helped Stephy attain those high strategic goals and make it to the top with less stress. Also exposure is very important and with a platform that can be linked to many different countries is an added bonus.

On a more relaxed note, though Stephy doesn’t have much time to relax she does complete her homework on time. Stephy likes to hangout with friends and relax. She is not picky as to what TV show she watches. Musically Stephy loves Rihanna, Beyonce, Shakira and Lana del Rey. She has a wide of variety of preferences and it all depends on the mood. Food wise Stephy loves trail mix for snacking on the hill and enjoys a USANA protein bar however, she will eat anything and is a general food lover.

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