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 Success Stories

Last year, Kaitlin became the Canadian Junior Open Water Champion in Montreal, despite suffering from shingles the week before, and being told that she wouldn't be able to swim for a week--- the week of her biggest swim meet. 
Now, she is ready to take it to the next level in International Competition. Between school and training 10 times each week, she doesn't have time for a part-time job - nonetheless, the expenses for her training and competition remain high. 

Kaitlin will be traveling to the Grand Cayman to compete in the Flowers Open Water competition in hopes to qualify for Jr. Pan Pacifics and represent Canada in Open Water! She promises to train and compete her heart out and hope to raise 2,000.00$ to help her cover the expenses. Her supporters joined her and she accumulate 2025$, reaching 101% of her campaign. Check out her campaign here and her incredible thank you video below: