Seek to inspire - How to create a campaign that inspires others!

MAKEACHAMP is a crowdfunding platform created for athletes to connect with their supporters. We believe that athletes also have a lot to give back to their supporters - athletes inspire, motivate, and uplift their community. A successful campaign takes their supporters on a journey filled with sacrifice and tribulations and above all - perseverance. Here is how to create a campaign that inspires your community to reach their own goals.

Draw the First Circle of Supporters

Many athletes can resonate with the fact that parents and family members are the main influencers and motivators in one's athletic career. They may have motivated us to start and shaped our goals and dreams, but with the MAKEACHAMP campaign, they can also help our athletic career keep going. Your family members and close relatives (a.k.a your first circle of supporters) play an important role in your crowdfunding campaign. It is your job to activate the huge potential of your first circle of supporters. If done correctly, your family members will jump up from their seats and will do anything...

Coach's Rant - rally up your athletes for the MAKEACHAMP campaign

Are you a coach? Are you about to launch a MAKEACHAMP team campaign. The first thing you need to do is to gather all your athletes into a single room and brief them about what is going to be happening. As the coach you should try to motivate the athletes to put in the necessary effort. It is true that not all the athletes will participate but a good introduction can make it easier for those that do want to put the effort in. To make it easier for you to do this, here is what you need to say:

Tagging your supporters on your Facebook Page

Once you have your campaign running and you started getting contributions, it is important to express gratitude to contributors publicly. However, many athletes with Facebook Pages are not able to reach their audience as well as they can with the individual Facebook profiles. The reasons for this is that Facebook does not allow pages to tag individual profiles. The result is that public thank you's on Facebook pages go unnoticed - this can have a negative effect on the reach of your campaign. Below we've outlined steps that you could take to actually increase the exposure you get on your...