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 Success Stories

Julia's journey so far, has not been easy. And with her aspirations in the the Karate1 WKF Premier League in Okinawa, Japan, it will not get any easier. Julia will face a field of experienced, ultra-talented martial artists: “The Karate1 WKF Premier League is the prime event in the world ... It's aim is to bring together the best Karate competitors in the world in a series of open championships of unprecedented scale and quality.”

Julia has the motivation and dedication to be the best and now with a tremendously successful campaign of 6,000$ in contributions, she now has the funds as well. She started her 2014 season with a bang by claiming the GOLD medal at the 2014 NYC International Open. With her family, her supporters, and her success behind her, Julia is heading with full force to Japan and to the podium. You can check out her campaign here.

'I will win, I will lose, I will learn…. and I WILL get stronger with each experience.' - Julia H.