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We’d like to introduce MAKEACHAMP’s organization page.

A nonprofit sport organization is in charge of athletes in their sport and in their region. They have a variety of jobs that they need to fulfill including helping athletes with anything from paperwork to organizing trips.

However, very often these organization are under funded themselves especially for the missions that are required from them.

Organizations should also be promoters of their athletes and their sport. This is by no means an easy task. Promoting an amateur sport in a region that usually neglects such sport can a very hard mission. It requires funds on its own and it requires a group of people to accomplish it.

These organizations are often responsible for showcasing it’s athletes and helping them get funding.

Taking into consideration all the responsibilities of an organization, MAKEACHAMP has come up with a solution that will help not only the organization with its missions but also the athletes.

We call this solution, the Organization Page. It has the following features that would benefit the organization:

  1. Showcasing active athlete profiles that belong to the specific sport organization

  2. Giving people an option to contribute to the organization itself by two ways:

    1. Showcasing projects/campaigns that belong to the organization

    2. People the contribute to an athlete have an option to give the organization a small donation as well

Let’s learn more in-depth about each feature:

1. Showcasing active athlete profiles

The organization page will collect together ALL the athletes on MAKEACHAMP that belong to the specific organization. This way, when a person wants to learn more about the competitive athletes that belong to an organization, they can check out this Organization Page and see all the competitive athletes.

When clicking on an athlete, they will be able to check out that specific athletes’ FanPage. MAKEACHAMP gives every athlete their own FREE FanPage. This FanPage contains all the tools and informative guides to help the athlete showcase themselves as athletes.

You can learn more about the tools here.

The athletes can also run campaigns as well as auctions on their FanPages. Vistors can get engaged by contributing, sharing or even bidding on specific items.

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2. Option to contribute to Sport Organization

  1. Organizational projects

Besides showcasing athlete FanPages and athlete campaigns, the Organization Page can also showcase projects that the organization is running. These projects can be simple informative pages or they can can be campaigns where there is a specific amount of funds that is being raised. Projects that an organization can have range but here are some ideas:

  • Promoting the sport in the country

  • Sending a national team to a training camp or competition

  • Buying new equipment

  • Setting up a new competition

  • Building a new venue or training center

  • Creating a new training resource for coaches or athletes

These projects can be showcase on the organization page. If the organization would like to run a campaign to raise funds for these projects they can do so otherwise these projects can be simply informative pages where people can donate and learn more.

  1. Direct donations to the organization

Athletes worldwide have raised more than 3 million dollars on MAKEACHAMP. More than 4,000 athletes have helped make this happen by spreading their campaigns online. Everyone who lands on an athlete's campaign will have an opportunity to also donate directly to the organization itself. The supporter can check the inbox to give a small (or large) donation to the organization itself.

Where does the athlete win?

The organization page is a source of more exposure for the athlete. People that visit the organization page are interested in helping and getting involved and there is no better way to get involved than supporting an athlete directly.