A Great Way To Thank Contributors

Rewards are a great way to form relationships with supporters and show them your gratitude. Use one of our many reward templates, or get creative and make your own!

Easily access donor data from your dashboard to contact supporters and keep track of rewards to fulfill.

A Variety Of Ways To Get Funded

Beautiful And Free Personal Websites

Use our new profile pages to showcase your athletic journey and keep your fans engaged. This page houses your current and previous campaigns, your bio, timeline of athletic events and achievements, and it features your sponsors. In addition, it aggregates all the updates you post on the platform and social media in one central location, making it easy for fans to check up on you.

Manage Your Campaign From Anywhere

Our app makes it easy for you to post updates wherever you are. No more waiting to post your photos or videos, simply snap and upload! Our simple interface allows you to thank contributors quickly and get notified when you receive a message or contributions. Contributing has never been easier, with a secure credit card scanner and PayPal processing.

Coming soon...

Secure And Localized Payments On Web And Mobile

Every campaign has the ability to securely process contributions from anywhere in the world, using credit cards, PayPal, Stripe and Ebanx.


Since January 2018, MAKEACHAMP has been totally FREE from platform fees. This officially makes us the global sport crowdfunding platform with the lowest rates on the market!

Payment processing fees of 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction are however still applying. These charges are imposed by banks and other online payment platforms. Read our blog announcement for more details.

Athletes get to keep all the money they raise, regardless of whether or not they hit their goals.

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