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Traditional Golf Sponsorship

Golf is an international game of accuracy and patience. Golf is also a multi million dollar sport that has a large following and many talented players. Golf tournaments are held all over the world and offer big prize money for the winner. Golf sponsors provide golf pros with funding and products to help finance golf careers and also to promote the corporate investor's product. Some corporate golf sponsorships contribute cars, gold clothing, shoes, golf clubs, gold carts, watches, and also offer free lodging at hotels and resorts with upscale golf ranges.

Other golf players require funding from other sources other than upscale corporations. There are companies who promote the sponsorship of golf players by providing opportunities for advertising or providing businesses opportunities to be involved in golf tournaments with signs, banners, flags and advertising opportunities through the internet. There are programs printed out for the day's events and sponsors may put their ads in the programs for all attending the vent to see.

Another way to sponsor golf players and tournaments is to create ways to draw attention to the tournament and engage interest of people in the activity. Businesses may sponsor golf games, teams playing, or sponsor a particular hole on the golf course. Prices for different packages of golf sponsorship vary according to amount of money or equipment sponsored.

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Golf Crowdfunding

Besides trying to find a corporate sponsor, you also might want to give crowdfunding a try. MAKEACHAMP’s crowdfunding platform opens the sponsorship opportunity for everyone. This simply means that a crowdfunding campaign gives everyone with a credit card and a desire to help the chance to sponsor an aspiring athlete. An athlete sponsor doesn’t have to be Nike anymore, it can be now be uncle John, it can be your cousin, it can be your neighbor or even your best friend. Hundreds of athletes have successfully raised their funds on MAKEACHAMP and you can also. To join this success click here.