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Canadian representative, Atsuko Tanaka, chose MAKEACHAMP.com in order to finance her campaign towards the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Games. This games will be the very first host for the female ski jump competition and our Atsukoa Tanaka will be representing Canada.

Atsuko debuted in Continental Ladies Cup in 2004 in Park City. 9 years later, she finished with the best jump of 103.0 meters on the normal hill and 129.5 meters on the large hill to win both events during the 2013 Aviva Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Nationals at Whistler Olympic Park.

For many years, besides the regular challenges of jumping 180 meters on skis, the women of ski-jumping had to lobby, petition and test the courts to be seen as equals to their male teammates. The recent decision from the  Olympic committee to add women’s ski jumping to the lineup of sports at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games has been highly welcomed by athletes like Atsuko. However the test for did not end because only the strongest jumpers will qualify to represent their country. And Atsuko is one of those athletes that stands out from the rest.

A note from Atsuko:

I am one of very few Female Ski Jumpers based in Calgary, Canada. Ski Jumping is an amateur sport which means we don’t get a lot of funding. Recently women’s ski jumping was added into the Olympic games and now more than ever, training and competing has become a full time commitment. Not much time is left to pay off club fees, travel fees, equipment fees, competition fees, living expenses, etc. Any small contribution would be of great help. The Olympics has always been a dream of mine, and I would like to commit myself 100% to training at least until the Olympic Game is over.

-Atsuko T.