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Imagine you have just begun a crowdfunding campaign. You know your campaign has a good purpose but you find many campaigns that are just like yours. How do you make your campaign different? What is going to make your campaign reach the crowd and be a success? Here are 5 points that can help make your crowdfunding campaign hit the next level:

1. Your Campaign Needs to be Likeable

It seems obvious but it needs repeating, people will back campaigns that they feel personally invested in the success of. Ultimately, you want to have plenty of fans and supporters. Present your story and your reasons for your cause to your audience and friends. Demonstrate to your audience and friends how passionate you are about your cause or campaign, it helps them to believe in your idea. Once they believe in and are fully passionate about your cause, they will help you spread the word and reach a wider audience leading to a more successful crowdfunding campaign.

2. Create and Post Original Content

Your campaign is unique to yourself and the content that you put out in support of it should be as well. Give visitors to your campaign a reason to support you; primarily, by using various social media platforms to spread the word and use these sites to your advantage. You can learn how to use Twitter in this blog post.

Strive to create posts and content that add value to the life of the reader and leave them wanting to come back for more. Posting pictures, videos and inspirational content are great ways to engage followers, who are more likely to share this kind of content with other followers. Also tell a compelling story; whether your campaign is personal, or for a cause, or business, it is very important to tell a story that will convey your emotions to your followers. The more passionate and emotional your story is, the more likely your followers will be compelled to support you, share your content and donate to your campaign.

3. Connect and Engage Consistently With Your Followers

Social media presence is a critical factor in successful campaigns, so take the time to connect with those that show interest in your campaign. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus are all useful social networking sites that will allow you to precisely and quickly interact with those following you. These are also very heavily followed platforms, so sharing your content on these networks is likely to garner the best results. Building a strong social media foundation gives your campaign a more personable element; thus, increasing your likability, which is more likely to increase the number of followers your campaign attracts.

4. Invest A Little Time and Effort into Your Campaign

While it would be wonderful if all you had to do was create a crowdfunding campaign and sit back as your followers increase, that could not be further from what should be done. Successful crowdfunding campaigns require a significant amount of time each day spent updating followers, answering questions and marketing to your targeted demographic. This also includes building a detailed campaign page. Add content like photos, videos and a good story to your campaign homepage, to give it some extra visual appeal to help attract supporters. The combination of a visually captivating page and constant, thoughtful engagement with supports will take your campaign to the next level.

5. Network with Influencers

A great way to give your campaign a jolt is to connect with influential individuals within your particular field. Reach out to people that already have amassed a following and ask them to help you promote your campaign. The more friends a cause or individual has on social media, the greater potential for a positive impact on your campaign. Non-profit and business campaigns will benefit the most from using influencers, but they can be effective in helping any campaign become more visible.


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