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Cecilia Garcia is a rower from Montreal,Quebec, Canada who raised $920, which was 102% of her total MAKEACHAMP campaign goal. Her crowdfunding campaign was geared towards a training camp in Florida during the winter period. She created a MAKEACHAMP campaign because the rowers were in charge of their own fees for this camp.

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This is Cecilia’s first crowdfunding campaign. She chose MAKEACHAMP after having met two members of the MAKEACHAMP team and she learned a lot about this international platform. Cecilia found the platform clear and easy to understand. Also, the fact that members of the MAKEACHAMP team are there to support you all the way through the process of your campaign plays a big role in determining the success of your campaign.

Cecilia mobilized her crowd and community of supporters by always talking about rowing. This shows showed and still shows how much she loves the sport and it helped generate interest in her campaign. When the campaign began people knew how much rowing meant to Cecilia so they helped spread the word or donated to her campaign. Having people share her campaign helped Cecilia reach her goal and spread the word. According to Cecilia, it is very important to not be shy to ask for help. The more people see your campaign the greater the chance you have to succeed.

Receiving a contribution made Cecilia feel awesome,it really was a surprise to see so many people donate and support her. For people who believe in you and help you reach your dreams feels amazing.

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Since her crowdfunding campaign Cecilia had a very good winter season. She came in first in the women’s U23 LWT category of the Quebec Indoor rowing championships. Her training camp in Miami was awesome. There was a lot of hard and intensive training which helped her improve a lot for this summer. Since the end of April training on the water has resumed. The schedule of training consists of 6-8 times per week, it is exhausting but to have a coach, a team , family and friends who her push her and motivate her helps a lot. With summer competitions coming up soon Cecilia is very excited and cannot wait to get back to Henley.

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Training Regime

Cecilia has a special training regimen depending if it's indoor or outdoor rowing. Indoor and outdoor have different distances and does not require the same preparations. Firstly, weight is very important and Cecilia is a light rower and she has to respect her weight, being careful of alimentation and increasing cardio sessions are important. Sleeping more before competitions is a must and not over exercise so that there is more energy for her competition. Watching rowing videos also helps Cecilia a lot and helps her relax before competitions. The night before a little music and visualization of a race help a lot too. This training regimen with the help of her coach will help in reaching her dreams. Pushing hard at every practice will help her achieve her goal and prove to herself that if you work hard then anything is possible.

How to Inspire?

In her own words Cecilia, inspiration is a term that makes a person advance. It is what motivate you and push you to reach your goals everyday even when you want to give up. It is what you would like to be. MAKEACHAMP was a great experience and she definitely recommends it and she loses nothing by trying.

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