Success Story - Arya Esfandmaz

The prestigious 2014 IBJJF World Judo Championships are here and MAKEACHAMP has helped fund more than 20 athletes. BJJ's popularity is soaring throughout the world and many athletes are starting to dedicate their lives to it. Unfortunately just like many amateur sports there isn't much funding available for the athletes. As a result more than 20 athletes set up MAKEACHAMP campaigns to try to get help from their friends, family, fans and the crowd. Check out the list of athletes here. 

Success Story - Haley Daniels

Haley Daniels knows that the life of an athlete is a rewarding one but it is also a difficult one, requiring a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Haley and her female canoe teammates were fighting to include their sport into the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games. Recently they succeeded, however, while they are in the process Haley's dreams cannot be stopped. She is heading full force towards the Olympic games but she couldn't do it all by herself.

Success Story - Kelsey Andries

Everyone, meet Kelsey Andries - a Muay Thai fighter from Alberta, Canada, and recently, the World Muay Thai Champion. She was chosen to represent Canada in the 67kg weight division at the IFMA World Muay Thai Championships in Langkawi, Malaysia May 1-10, 2014. Muay Thai has been more than a sport in Kelsey's life - it was her winning weapon against eating and anxiety disorders. She decided to dedicate her life to the sport and becoming the World Champion.

Success Story - Claire Cannon

Claire was a strong rower until complications with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a genetic disorder, took her away from the water and her boat. She was bed bedridden, unable to go outside or to row. She was heartbroken. Almost giving-up, until she was introduced to Intravenous feeding (TPN) which meant "I have a piece of tubing tunnelled into my chest that runs through the vein and straight into my heart.” With the help of TPN, Claire was able to regain just enough health to get back to rowing.