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As the leader in crowdfunding for competitive sports, MAKEACHAMP is always aiming to level the playing field and ensure every competitive athlete gets the support they need to succeed. With athletes in 98 sports from 36 countries, the growing platform is now announcing a brand new service that will be unlocked to its thriving community of 12,000+ athletes. 

Previously, MAKECHAMP only handled the campaign publication, campaign promotion and online payments, but you had to go to other platforms to get a full athlete website and share your ongoing story with your fans. Now MAKEACHAMP has it all built into one place. 

introducing new athlete pages at sports crowdfunding platform MAKEACHAMP

MAKEACHAMP is now offering a free personal website for any athlete looking to build their brand and connect with fans. Using the integrated social media tools that post updates from the athlete’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to the athlete page automatically, athletes can focus on their sport while maintaining a strong online presence and keeping their fans informed. 

On a single page, athletes can share pictures, videos, write blog posts, and easily publish these on their social media accounts and share them with supporters using our integrated e-mail system. Moreover, athletes can showcase previous campaigns, achievements, updates, as well as their athlete biography. As an added value, athletes can supplement their income by offering visibility on the page to corporate sponsors.

david ancor profile

New profile look for athetes. View David Ancor's athlete page


ana laura athlete profile

« The team at MAKEACHAMP got me set up easily and quickly, and I'm looking forward to build my community on my Road to Rio », says Canadian judoka Ana-Laura.


david ancor athlete


Campaign pages also showcases a fresh new look. Start a campaign to try it out. 

new campaign creation process

The campaign creation process has been overhauled to offer a simpler experience to new and existing users.


marrisa ponich

For the first time, each athlete update gets a unique URL that can be shared in social network, such as : http://makeachamp.com/mponich/profile/28205 . Here, Marrisa Ponich shares her latest gold medal at last week's Canada Games. 


"We are thrilled to offer this service which is 100% free, forever"

By offering athlete pages, MAKEACHAMP recognizes the need for athletes to have a website that can be shared with supporters and sponsors. Additionally, MAKEACHAMP has completely revamped the campaign creation process and campaign pages to offer the best possible experience to athletes, coaches and teams using the service.

“We are thrilled to offer this service, which is 100% free, forever. Now fans can subscribe to their favorite athletes and get the latest updates” says David Barkay, CEO and President of MAKEACHAMP.

"Having an athlete page plants the seeds to create a community to support their future crowdfunding goal. This will open opportunities for athletes, as they will easily contributors for their next crowdfunding campaigns” says Michael Shpigelman, co-founder and CTO of MAKEACHAMP.

Athletes have already begun the process of creating their pages and updating their content:

New athletes can register, and have an athlete page up and running in 5 minutes! Go take a look! 

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