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Traditional Basketball Sponsorship

Basketball is a sport observed, played and loved by millions of people. Pro basketball players are often admired for the athletic abilities as well as their personalities and their influence on young people. College basketball players are also admired for their strengths in their sport and have a major impact with their fans. Women's National Basketball Association is a growing force in basketball and it's fan base is increasing with each completed season. Basketball leagues exist in small towns due to the enthusiasm people have for the sport. Both professional basketball such as the NBA, WMBA and other international basketball leagues have sponsors who support the leagues through sponsorships. Smaller leagues for adults and children may also find support through sponsorships.

Sponsorship of basketball teams is available to any parties including private parties or corporations. The type of basketball sponsorship package depends on the amount of money or equipment or other sponsorship offering made available by the potential sponsor. Profitable exposure is possible when sponsoring a well known and successful basketball team. Corporations and other entities who wish to sponsor basketball teams or highlight the work of individual basketball players based on demonstrated performance and popularity gain a greater exposure to a diverse population.

Many top corporations in the business world reserve some of their funds for sponsorships. Sponsorships, especially in professional basketball, are considered strategic marketing practice. Athletes associated with professional basketball in all its forms are high profile and recognizable and many promote drinks, clothing, shoes, cars, athletic equipment and multiple types of charities. Well loved athletes have considerable marketing power with the buying public.

Billions of dollars are spent on basketball sponsorships by powerful corporations and independent investors for the advantage of commercial advertisements, court side banners, ticket endorsements, and other marketing opportunities available. Multiple billions of dollars are spent in consumerism, with promotional sales contributed by that product's representation with basketball players helping to sustain or increase that revenue. Sponsorships for non professional basketball teams are also sponsored by businesses or individuals local to the team. These sponsorship benefits are specific to sponsorship packages contracted between the team and the business sponsor. Local teams need help with acquiring equipment, uniforms, funds for advertisement such as ads in newspapers and other expenses difficult for small budget teams to obtain. Benefits for businesses the sponsor league basketball teams benefit from exposure by way of banners placed courtside, ads in calendars or in local newspapers in reference to the team advertisement, logo or name placement next to scoreboards, and other creative ways to display contributor names.


Crowdfunding for a Basketball team

Crowdfunding opens the possibility for everyone to sponsor your baseball team - all they need is a credit card and the desire to do so. Your MAKEACHAMP campaign will allow your team and all its players to share the campaign among your circle of supporters. The magical thing about this is that it is easy and hustle free. For example the University of Quebec in Montreal Cheerleading and Basketball teams raised more than 20,000$ within couple of days. Even the Univesity of Laval Men's Volleyball raise more than 12,000$. You can also join this success and raise the funds you need for your team, to get started click here. For more information on how to create a team campaign click here.