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Traditional Hockey Team Sponsorship 

Hockey team sponsorships offer investors multiple marketing opportunities to expand promotion and reach a large audience of people. The sport of hockey takes place in an arena. Many arena facilities contribute to the marketing of the hockey team as a viable way to promote business and to expand exposure.

Professional hockey leagues, minor leagues, college teams and town leagues, hockey is a well loved sport that draws thousands of spectators. These hockey games are played in door arenas and the potential for advertising to an audience that is enthusiastic about the sport. Hockey teams have a set schedule of games, usually home games and a few away games in other arenas. The home games provide an opportunity for local businesses and larger corporations to sponsor hockey teams locally and receive the maximum benefit from the sponsorship. Professional hockey leagues and Olympic hockey teams obtain sponsorship of a larger scale who promote products ranging from sporting equipment, clothing, charities and food products.

Hockey sponsors gain exposure through their hockey sponsorship packages, but of course, the larger the sponsorship the more exposure a company receives. Marketing in hockey arenas may be in the form of dasherboards (banners) hung around the arena or signage hung on the zamboni (ice cleaner). These signs have the company name, the company logo and the internet address of the company if there is one available. There are also promotions available where company logos are painted onto the ice for all the audience to see. Team jerseys are sold, pucks with the team logo are also up for sale. Promotional night are available that are held in honor of the sponsor, as well as having intermission activities during games sponsored by particular companies.


Crowdfunding for Hockey Teams

Crowdfunding opens the possibility for everyone to sponsor your baseball team - all they need is a credit card and the desire to do so. Your MAKEACHAMP campaign will allow your team and all its players to share the campaign among your circle of supporters. The magical thing about this is that it is easy and hustle free. For example the University of Quebec in Montreal Cheerleading and Basketball teams raised more than 20,000$ within couple of days. Even the Univesity of Laval Men's Volleyball raise more than 12,000$. You can also join this success and raise the funds you need for your team, to get started click here. For more information on how to create a team campaign click here.