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Motocross Sponsorship

Motocross sponsors are those who provide funding for individuals and teams in motocross competition. Motocross is a very popular sport in which motocross riders race on tracks, trails, rocky terrain or through naturally occurring obstacle courses. Motocross riders seek sponsorship for gear needed to safely ride their motorcycles, as well as for maintenance and travel expenses. Those who offer motocross sponsorship receive the benefits of the marketing achieved by exposure of equipment, products that fuel and keep the motorcycle in top running condition as well as tires, tools for fixing the motorcycles, trailers to transport and other essential motocross items.

Benefits of the sponsoring of motocross teams a great deal of exposure is offered of products and services to those who admire or participate in the sport. Motocross is a widely popular form of competition that is well respected in the racing industry. There are motocross organizations that organize rules and regulations for the sport as well as oversee competitions and there is a great deal of exposure to potential clients due to the fact that motocross events are shown on television on major network channels, cable television on sports and outdoor channels, as well as internet exposure and printed publication advertising.

Sponsors of motocross events range from small businesses to large corporation. Brand name car manufacturers, soft drink sponsor corporations and clothing manufacturers all contribute to the sport of motocross. When motocross riders are sponsored they receive motocross sponsorship promotional merchandise such as helmets, goggles, boots, sponsorship clothing with corporation logos, gloves, undergarments, motorcycles, tires, motocross tools, oil products, soft drinks, stickers and other assorted corporate booty. Those being sponsored are expected to use or be featured using or dressed in the sponsored motocross items as a means of advertisement for the sponsor.

There are different means by which a motocross racer may find sponsorship in the corporate world. Through researching companies who manufacture products designed for motocross or that are used in motocross competitions, a motocross rider could contact those companies after calling and finding out the company's requirements, or by searching on the internet for that company. A letter could be written stating all pertinent information about the rider, how long he or she has been riding, the level of dedication and if there are any awards or special circumstances surrounding the rider's experience. Also, if the rider does have extensive, or even a small amount of experience, it may be represented in a portfolio so that the potential sponsor may see how serious a rider is applying. There are also internet web sites that for a small fee upon the signing of a sponsorship contract will connect motocross riders with sponsors who may be ideal for one another.



BMW Crowdfunding

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