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 Tips & Tricks

If you want to make a BANG in any field you need to know your field from top to bottom. This is not a hidden secret and also an obvious fact. I have a few tips and tricks that any athlete can do for their blog to go viral. The objective for athletes is for their updates to go viral and for the crowd to click, watch and like athletes' content. The first important tip is to be a good storyteller (thanks Gary Vaynerchuck!!!) , something that will capture the imagination and make a random viewer be drawn like a moth to a flame. The second is a catchy title that will get the immediate attention of any who read it. The third and final point is to keep it short and concise. 


  1. Point Numero Uno , being a good story teller is crucial for anyone and not just related to the sports industry. Make an emotional appeal to your audience and make a random viewer seem like a friend or acquaintance on whose shoulder you can lean on. Most importantly, you should express yourself as if no one is a stranger to you. The aim of the game is to take any reader on an adventure, sort of like a roller coaster ride that makes you want to hop back on for a second round and then a third.

  2. A title is the focal beginning for any viral post. The title is the eye catcher for the audience. It is a make or break deal. A great title adds value to the content published and makes any reader want to read and see more. A title can embellish or conjure an aggressively vivid image. It is like making an entering SPLASH into a swimming pool that sends ripples everywhere.

  3. A blog post should be concise and short. Going straight to the point captivates the audience. Use a language that your target audience understands. If you are in sport then mention words such as objective, targets, goal. Words that inspire a final reach that you are trying to attain. This point is like Marseille’s FC motto “Droit au But” which means “Straight to Goal”. Don’t be complacent and get straight to the point.


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