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 Success Stories

She experienced her first breakthrough on World Cup last year, and cut her world ranking in half in Slalom. Currently ranked 29th in the world in Slalom, she’s still trying to improve her races. Brittany is also the only person who has done a 360 off a jump in a Slalom city event in Moscow World Cup last season, while racing World Champion Mikaela Shiffrin.
Brittany has had many dreams of competing at races such as the World Cup and the Olympics. In 2008, Brittany accomplished one of her biggest dreams when she became qualified to race at the World Cup in Aspen, USA. Upon attaining her dream of competing at the world cup, she knew she wanted more of her dreams to come true.
Of course, no one’s ride to success is smooth sailing. At the Whistler Cup in her first year K2, a day before the Slalom race, Brittany broke her thumb. Despite what the doctor had said, Brittany, with determination and eagerness, went up to Slalom the next day to race. While trying to ski the warm-up, Brittany experienced excruciating pain. Though it was hard for her to overcome the idea of the thought that she could have won, she had to abandon the race for the sake of her thumb.
Brittany loves to race and she hopes to represent Canada at the Sochi Winter Olympics this year but to quote ACDC, “it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll” – financial issues has always been a long term struggle of professional athletes. She wants to ski for Canada until she’s 34. Her goal might sound ambitious but she said “ but I love what I do, and when you love something this much, anything is possible”.  Check out her MAKEACHAMP campaign to find out how you can be apart of her story. Contribute to increase her chance for success and take part in her journey to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.