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Manon was proverbially born into judo by her mother who practiced when she was young. Manon was brought with her younger sister and brother to the training sessions and after a month Manon was also training. Her brother and sister have both given up Judo but obviously Manon continued the family trend.

The greatest challenge in Manon’s opinion is that in judo you have to combine every aspect of one’s abilities. “ You need strength, technique and you have to be mentally strong”. These assets are extremely invaluable and make a big difference to a judoka. Before the competition Manon repeats her different fighting strategies. There is alot of speed and explosive strategies used in those practices. On the day of the competition Manon likes to run and do a bit of cardio to warm her body up. She also does some uchi-komis ( preparation for a throw).  Manon makes the exercises slowly harder and harder so that at the end she feels ready to fight. At the end of training she does speed exercises because it fits her technique which is speed and explosively. Though she doesn’t really have a sporting icon she does like Lucie Decosse and Ilias Iliadis who both have won big competitions which is a very difficult job.

On the crowdfunding side of things Manon is very grateful for the support she has received from MAKEACHAMP as it has taken financial pressure of her considerably and allowed her to focus more on training for Rio. Also it Manon has had to overcome personal shyness to approach people for contributions and jump over her shadow. Having reached 31 of her goal allows Manon already to travel to her next competition and be interviewed from a Luxembourgish journalist on a live tv show. The advice Manon can offer is to define your goals clearly and be friendly and kind to potential contributors

The more relaxing side of Manon demonstrates her enjoyment with Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives. She enjoys these shows because of the murder, intrigues and the fact that you have to figure something out. Musically Manon doesn’t have a favorite musician or band but dislikes rap and hip hop. Her favorite foods include kebab, pasta and pizza but because of a strict workout regime she cannot indulge too much in her favorite foods.

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