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Marie Corriveau began her cross country skiing experience with her parents. They introduced her to the sport and since then she has never looked back but rather ahead of her. Since her beginnings Marie has gone from strength to strength and is now aiming for higher sporting summits. Marie admits her greatest challenges are to push back her limits, both physically and mentally. Physically, Maris has always said that “ you can always improve technique et go faster”. Mentally, she says that “ you have to push back your pain threshold”. But out of all this what Mary finds the most fascinating is the complexity of cross country skiing.

Marie has her own unique routine before a competition. She likes to stay relaxed and not feel stressed before a race. Marie doesn't predetermine the course of her race and she likes to remain focused on the day of the race. Music and visualizing the race are two aspects of Marie’s game day preparation. Focus is key for her and it is what prepares her and drives her for success.

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One of Marie’s sporting icons is the legendary Roger Federer. His serene calm , concentration and is so unperturbed by others that he executes without error. His focus and concentration enable him to get the best out of himself and that makes him a unique athlete. Also the pressure the amount of pressure he gets is almost non existent because he shows such a degree of calm it is difficult to know .This is what i try and emulate as an athlete.

On the crowdfunding side of things, Marie has praised MAKEACHAMP to help her get financing from elsewhere. It warms her heart to see the amount of support she gets and the lovely messages she gets really encourage her to perform to the highlest level of her abilities in competition. Marie appreciates immensely supporters’ generosity and the impact it has. It brings her a lot of personal satisfaction and enhances her sporting performances. MAKEACHAMP has enabled Marie to have all her expenses paid for during the entire Cross Country Ski calendar season. Also crowdfunding has enabled Marie to focus on her sporting objectives rather than her financial ones. One important tip Marie has for a successful MAKEACHAMP campaign is to be on top of your social network outlets and always update your campaign so as to not leave it stagnant.


On a more relaxing side of things, Marie enjoys cuddling under a blanket during her free time and watch Netlix. She loves to cook new recipes and it is one of her great passions. Marie’s favorite TV Show is Chopped on the Food Network and she likes to see different ingredients get mixed together. On the musical side Marie is not a fan of classical music or rock music but she does enjoy listening to the radio and listen to some songs that casually come on. Culinary wise Marie loves pancakes and breakfast is her favorite meal of the day and if she could she would have breakfast food everyday.

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