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Olympic Gold medalist, and NHL Norris Trophy winner, P.K. Subban, knows very well how hard it can be for families and young athletes to pay the cost of high-level training. He is now supporting 19 year-old Canadian Jr. & Sr. Weightlifting champion, Maya Laylor, in her dream to become a World Champion and an Olympic medalist.

Here is NHL star P.K. Subban announcing his official support:


Supporters can contribute to her effort on leading sports crowdfunding platform, MAKEACHAMP : . Contributors can get a half-day training with P.K. Subban and with Maya Laylor, or receive autographed items.

Maya Laylor has broken 12 records and is pound for pound the best athlete in her category in Ontario. However at her level, she has to pay fees for training, sports science, coaching, specialized nutrition, as well as for competitions (travel, registration, training camps), which all add up to an unmanageable amount. If the community effort succeeds, she would be able to dedicate herself to her weightlifting career.

In her poignant video, Maya shares her training regimen, and what weighlifting means to her. It is a unique insight into an aspiring Olympian's journey and a reminder of their dedication:

We are excited to see successful athletes such as P.K. Subban giving back and supporting the new generation of athletes. You can help make an Olympian, simply share Maya's story on MAKEACHAMP, and contribute to her campaign.