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Q1) What made you start the sport you are currently training in?

 I’ve been on skis my whole life and was invited to pre ski the biathlon trails when nationals were in Edmonton. I when to and open house that spring and was hooked.

 Q2) What are the greatest challenges you face in your sport? mentally and physically?

 Biathlon is an incredibly mentally demanding sport because a every miss can cost you 20 sec to a minute. Also your pacing is very important if you get too exited you’ll blow up in the range on the other hand being too relaxed will cost you valuable time on the course. I am mainly focusing on my mental preparation at this point of my career. The physical aspects seems to be coming along just fine.


Q3) Do you have a prepared routine for training before a competition? How do you prepare on the day of the competition?

 So far I’ve only developed a set of guidelines of things I can and cannot do the days leading up to race day. On the day itself I spent most of my time focusing on my nutrition and equipment; so zeroing my rifle, testing skis, and choosing clothing and gloves.


Q4) Which sport athlete do you idolize and why?

 I’ve always admired Muhammad Ali’s theatrics an confidence. I think you have to be really fierce to succeed in sport.


Q5) What do you do during your free time? How do you like to relax?

 I enjoy the general shenanigans that occur when you put a bunch a energetic people in the same place. I also love any work I can get outside

Q6) How has crowdfunding helped you? What personal benefits has it brought you?

 It helps lessen the load and sudden expense of tours. As well as showing me that I have group of people I need to fight for.

Q7) How has/is MAKEACHAMP helped/helping you achieve your goals?

MAKEACHAMP has given me the power to share my story and reach out for the help I need to reach my potential

Q9) What is your favourite TV show 


Q10) What is your favourite band/music artist and why?

 Twenty One Pilots, Gordon Lightfoot, Cant Stop Wont Stop

Q11) What is your favourite food/snack?