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 Tips & Tricks

MAKEACHAMP is a crowdfunding platform created for athletes to connect with their supporters. We believe that athletes also have a lot to give back to their supporters - athletes inspire, motivate, and uplift their community. A successful campaign takes their supporters on a journey filled with sacrifice and tribulations and above all - perseverance. Here is how to create a campaign that inspires your community to reach their own goals.

What is your greater mission with your athletic career and this campaign?

Your campaign should showcase your mission and vision for your athletic career. This can be achieved by writing the title, the campaign description and adding a video that reflect the answers to this question : what is a message you’d like to pass on to others by achieving your own dreams? Your mission should be powerful, deep, specific to your goals but at the same time general enough for others to resonate with. Here are couple of examples of some missions for athletes: “Fighting to keep my dream alive”, “Beating the odds”, “Following my heart towards success”.  This will add greater depth to your campaign and when others read it, it will resonate with their own goals.


Demonstrate your commitment.

Use the update section on your MAKEACHAMP profile to show people that you are committed to your mission by showing that you train, eat well, compete and more. This is important because it shows that you are completing the necessary work set out by your mission. Besides being inspire by your commitment, with every single update people will be reminded of your greater mission and they will be liberated to achieve their own missions.