6 Simple Tips For A Great Athlete Blog

A blog for an amateur athletes is almost critical to create their own audience and build a crowd. Below is a short list of advices we give to our MAKEACHAMP athletes to help them build a crowd before their MAKEACHAMP campaigns. This is also important when you’ll be trying to find a sponsor. Nonetheless, it is never to late too start a blog even for the simple reason that it is a great way for athletes to express their athletic journey and gather an audience around their athletic activities. That being said, it is important to be cautious regarding what...

Athlete Sponsorship - winning a sponsor with an ROI

Delving into the sponsorship realm might be overwhelming and confusing. Athletes think that they need to have incredible results or they need to be famous to get sponsored. The answer is that you can get sponsored without having incredible results and without being famous; however, you should be able to provide a company a return on their investment.