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Tennis Sponsorship and Crowdfunding

Corporations who sponsor tennis players provide equipment and funds for the player's use as well as providing promotional opportunities for the tennis sponsor. Tennis players who achieve a level of excellence in tennis playing through numerous tennis matches are likely to get big money tennis sponsorships that promote clothing and shoe lines, tennis equipment such as rackets and balls, and other tennis associated equipment. Professional tennis sponsorships provided by corporations cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Companies sponsor their products with the help of personalities who have international recognition and influence on the public in terms of good relations and success. Automobile, soft drink, and hotel accommodation corporations are some of the pro tennis player sponsors that are well known.

Tennis players who seek sponsorship and who are not pro tennis players may receive tennis sponsorships from different companies. Sponsorships may be offered from tennis gear manufacturers such as tennis rackets, tennis balls, practice equipment, tennis footwear, tennis shirts, sweatbands, and tennis shorts and skirts. Sponsorships also help tennis players secure courts to play and on which to practice.

Tennis sponsors receive promotion through signage courtside and in the venues where the tennis matches take place, internet exposure pertaining to the tennis match and websites having to do with tennis matches and certain venues, and also concerning ticket sales to the sporting event, and in ads in publications and calendars. Travel expenses of the individual tennis player or tennis teams may be sponsored as well as lodging for tennis competitions, food products, and jewelry items such as watches as worn by the tennis player. The type of promotion the sponsor receives is contingent upon what type of sponsorship is offered to the tennis player. Many sponsors have sponsorship packages designed specifically to meet their needs. Tennis players, their management teams and potential sponsors work together to put together the most beneficial contract available for both parties involved.


Tennis Crowdfunding

Besides trying to find a corporate sponsor, you also might want to give crowdfunding a try. MAKEACHAMP’s crowdfunding platform opens the sponsorship opportunity for everyone. This simply means that a crowdfunding campaign gives everyone with a credit card and a desire to help the chance to sponsor an aspiring athlete. An athlete sponsor doesn’t have to be Nike anymore, it can be now be uncle John, it can be your cousin, it can be your neighbor or even your best friend. Hundreds of athletes have successfully raised their funds on MAKEACHAMP and you can also. To join this success click here.